Zero-waste DIY All purpose cleaning solution


Soapnuts, popularly known as Reetha in India, have been part of natural hair care since the beginning of time. What you might not know is that soapnuts can be used for all kinds of cleaning requirements.

They don’t actually contain any soap because, for soap to be soap is has to contain lye. These nuts are actually berries and their long harvesting period makes them a very sustainable solution for cleaning needs.

What you will need?
  1. Tap water – 1 litre
  2. Soapnuts/Reetha – 100 gms
  3. Distilled white vinegar – 2 cups
  4. Lemon essential oil – 5-6 drops
  5. Any other essential oil for fragrance
Method –

Bring soapnuts and water to a boil. Set aside.
Once the water is cool to touch, crush the soapnuts with your hands to dissolve as much pulp as you can.
Strain the water to remove seeds and shell. (Toss them in your compost bin)
Add the rest of the ingredients and store in a glass bottle.

I have been using this solution to clean surfaces, windows and what have you and cannot recommend it enough. Boiled soapnut water serves as my base for almost all of my household cleaning supplies and personal care toiletries as well.

Currently I’m testing the recipe for an all natural body and face wash and will be adding it here as soon as I achieve satisfactory results.

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